Han Baby Easy-Grip Spoons DG-6234


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  • Han Baby Easy-Grip Spoons DG-6234
  • Spoons are never simple things for small babies. They are the first experience of solid foods for your little one’s mouth and this new and sensitive experience can make or break you baby’s feeding time.With the YUM colorful infant spoons your little one is sure to take to their food straight away. with soft tips and vibrant colors it will be a fun and fulfilling moment as your baby reaches for their first spoonful of food.
  • Features:
  • 1. Designed to aid self-feeding.
  • 2. Deep-set design to hold more food and make scooping easier.
  • 3. Long handle for balance and an easy grip.
  • 4. Made with BPA free material, which is safe and durable use
  • 5. Small size makes it portable and convenient to carry