Milk Container 3 Portion (cartoon)


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  • Specification:
    Item Type: 3 Layers Baby Dispenser
    Material: PP
    Three Layers Size:Approx. 26 x 7.5cm / 10.2 x 3.0in
    Single Layer Size:Approx. 15cm / 5.9in(Height)

    Package List:
    1 x 3 Layers Baby Dispenser

    1. Before each use, be sure to it. Do not scrape with a hard brush or other rough hard objects when . In order to prevent the milk powder from getting wet, the milk powder box and lid should be tightened before and after each use.
    2. Please place it in a cool, dry place and out of touch of babies.
    3. Do not sterilize in a microwave oven, it can be in boiling water.