Nexton Baby Wipes Extra Sensitive 84 Wipes


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  • Nexton Baby Wipes Extra Sensitive Alcohol Free 84 pcs pack

  • Nexton Baby Wipes are mild and gentle on the baby's sensitive skin. Its hypoallergenic formula prevents rashes and keeps the baby's skin healthy and soft. These extra sensitive wipes are gentle enough for new borns as well. These wipes are a great choice because of their extra softness and smooth texture. These are free from harmful chemicals and contain water. Nexton wipes are moist enough to hydrate the baby's skin after cleaning the mess. Your little one's skin will get moisturized and protected from irritants with these wet wipes.

    • For Extra Sensitive Baby

    • 84 Wipes in one pack

    • Mothers First Choice

    • Thick and very soft

    • Hydrates baby's skin

    • Aloe Vera help keep skin soft and gentle